Artist Talk/Slideshow on the making of The Face of Feminism Now

The Art Center - 1 Washington St. #106 Dover, NH

Sat. March 24th 6-9 pm

Celebrate National Women’s History Month by visiting The Art Center during the month of March to see The Face of Feminism Now: Conversations with Feminists, portraits by Phoenix Mayet.  This year-long photo documentary project examines local feminism in the year following the Women’s March of 2017 through photographs of and interviews with feminists about the movement and it’s future.

An Artist’ Reception will be held for the photographer on Saturday, March 24th 6-9 pm at The Art Center.  The Reception will feature a slideshow and talk by the artist about the making of this timely project.  The talk is free and open to the public.

The evening’s presentation will offer the audience a closer look at the process that went into creating the portraits, provide some conclusions and observations about the final project, and present additional images and words from the participants.  There will be time set aside for Q&A following the presentation.

ART & MENTAL ILLNESS: Creating to Survive/Surviving to Create

Lecture and Slideshow with Artists Phoenix Mayet and Pope Jones

Wrong Brain - 1 Washington St. #459 Dover, NH

Wed. Oct. 4th 7-9 pm

The effects of mental illness are often profound and life-changing. As artists living with mental illness, Pope Jones and Phoenix Mayet have expressed these effects through their individual creative work. In this presentation, each will offer a view into their work as it relates to this issue. How does mental illness effect the creative process? How do the experiences of depression and mania manifest themselves in the artwork of those who live with bipolar disorder? How can art speak to and witness for the powerful after effects of trauma? Join these two artists as they present their work and reflect upon the process that has enabled them to create within the context of chronic mental illness. The event is timed to coincide with National Mental Illness Awareness Week, October 2-8, 2017.

INDIVIDUATION - New Mixed Media Work - Solo Show

Wrong Brain - 1 Washington St. #459 Dover, NH

Wed. Oct. 4th 7-9 pm

Borrowing the language of Carl Jung, founder of analytical psychology, Phoenix Mayet explores the construction of the integrated self, a process known as Individuation. Having suffered the unsettling states of mania and depression, as well as the altering effects of the medications used to treat her bipolar disorder, Mayet embarked on a journey to discover her authentic self, distinct from illness and trauma. The work presented in Individuation can be grouped together into the four main themes associated with the artist’s continued recovery: psychiatric medications, talk therapy, self-care, and introspection. The works to be shown include photographs, drawings, and collages. In many cases, Mayet creates small sculptures or constructions which are photographed and then dismantled, leaving the image as the only document.

Nectarine and Staples

The Self Repaired

Altar to My Medicines -Wellbutrin

Dover Art Walk, NH - Washington St. Mill, Dover

First Fridays - Next Date: Fri. Oct. 6th 4-8 pm


Please come by and visit my studio to see my latest work and learn more about the projects I have been focused on this year.

Dover Art Walk is a grassroots community event held on the first Friday of every month! Starting March 3rd, 2017 from 4-8 pm local galleries, merchants, neighbors and friends will join together in celebrating the Arts.